Why us ?

Our quality services include:

  • Industry leading delivery and “customized” service
  • Production from a ounces to approximately 150 pounds
  • Creative engineering to keep your costs down
  • Flexible volume capabilities
  • Adherence to world-wide standards and specs
  • An arsenal of value-added services and processes involving casting, CNC machining, surface treatment and assembly

We focus on stainless steel and carbon steel investment casting process, which will produce the most complex, finely detailed lost wax castings possible.

Working with us you can make informed decisions based upon the design specifications and the ultimate use of the product. Our goal is to see you be successful and have you as a repeat customer for years to come. Together, we can explore your opportunities. You, our highly valued customer, will always have executive decision-making powers and the last word when it comes to helping us create the precision casting that will serve you best.


Get To Market Sooner (And Happier)

We’re committed to giving you the best performing part at the lowest total cost. Our proprietary process means we can deliver at unmatched speed, allowing you to get components faster and reducing the amount of inventory you need to hold.

Ultimately, it means you can get to market sooner.

We default to “yes” unlocking new ways to stretch the investment casting process, deliver improved capabilities, and provide you greater design freedom—all while radically accelerating delivery times.

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Make Your Best Product

Of course, we know you have a choice in who you partner with. So what makes Zealous better?

Well, we use software simulation and our own unique system to gain the advantage during processing and ensure quality in the final result.

What’s just as important is our fanatical customer focus. Simply, we do whatever it takes to ensure our customers succeed.

And more than this, we do it all at the lowest total cost. Better than either piece-price manufacturers or smaller, slower operations with limited capacity.

With better processes, better customer service, better repeatability, and better technology, we can produce parts of virtually any level of complexity.

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Solve Your Toughest Design Problems

Your design. Our world-leading manufacturing expertise. We’re made for each other.

Our team understands how to make investment castings perform in the real world—both for your product and your unique business challenges.

We work with you to make sure inefficiencies are designed out, and quality is designed in.

We provide outstanding repeatability through our investment in state-of-the-art equipment and automation.

And we offer unbeatable quality at dimensions and tolerances that no one else can.

With smarter engineering, smarter automation, and smarter in-house finishing options, there’s no such thing as impossible.

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Go To Market Sooner

At Zealous Precision Casting & Machining Co., Ltd., speed is not just a claim—it’s reality, on the ground, every single day. Fact is, we are simply faster than anyone else. In fact, much faster in every way.

You’ll notice it right away when we quote your turnaround time—often under 2 days, normally in 12 hours.

You’ll see it in action with our unprecedented automation, and in the market-leading technology that makes delivery possible at previously unheard of speed.

And you’ll see it in your product when we achieve true just-in-time production of your component without holding back-up inventory.

Work with Zealous on your next precision metal part. We’ll give you faster lead times and accelerated in-house finishing. So you can give your customers the products they need sooner.