Zealous Precision Casting & Machining Co. Ltd.  where investment casting is “silica sol precision casting”

From stainless steel investment castings to carbon steel investment castings, we keep you ahead of the competition. We pay very attention to detail on precision casting  and the machining techniques to produces the highest quality steel castings for various industries.

Our stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel castings are use by industries such as machinery equipment , vehicle & motorcycle, bathroom accessories , light  fixtures , home & kitchen, marine accessories , measuring instrument, transportation, military, forestry, firearms, art, recreation, construction, oil and gas, pump and valve, household appliances and other commercial applications.

We also service higher demand applications such as refining or processing applications that require high temperature and wear-resistant nickel titanium or severe application situations using cobalt castings as an example.

Every customer requirements are carefully scrutinized in contract review and confirmed so you are confident your investment castings are ideally suited to your needs before proceeding. It has to be right for you!

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