Precision lox wax low wax cast rapid prototyping

precision lox wax precision casting technology in  Guangdong We serve higher request applications such as polishing or manufacturing demands that require high temperature and wear-resistant nickel or complex application with cobalt castings for example. Every customer’s needs are carefully scrutinized in contract so you are sure your precision castings are ideally adapted to your needs. All of this is matched absolutely to your wishes and needs. Achieving an optimal casting with joint discussion is our general rule. The grade of co-development is decisive in your project’s success.

The firm produces product : telecommunication equipment accessories, automated elements, fitness equipment, valves, kitchen instruments, autos, train rail accessories and military products. In short, all products that are extended based on investment casting can be completed by our factory. Safety and the wellbeing of our employees is the priority in all we do. We precisely adhere to minimal working age demands and maximum allowed active hours. The lost wax procedure is very suitable for producing precision castings along complex forms and high dimensional accuracy & quality. Further, we offer a large freedom in both design and matter option of your desired castings. Engineered precision cast tooling cost, international low wax casting manufactory in China, metals investment casting technique in Foshan, precision lox wax precision casting firmav

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