Engineered precision casting rapid prototyping

silica sol low wax cast tooling cost Our rustproof alloys, carbon steel and alloy investment castings are crutial to sectors like machinery tools, cars & transportation, kitchen accessories, light structures, house, nautical measuring tool, military, forestry, weapons, guns, art, entertainment, oil and gas, pump, household appliances and other commercial applications. Every customer’s requirements are attentively scrutinized in contract so you are positive your investment castings are ideally suited to your needs before proceeding. Our productions include mechanical valves, car fittings, production hardware, pharmaceutical machinery, valve fittings, sewing tools, knitting fittings, pneumatic equipment and maritime hardware. We are Foshan Zeren Metal co. ,ltd., a dedicated team that accommodates professional production for precision investment casting, we are a well-known provider of precision castings.

Precision investment casting, is a lost wax casting process generally used for producing ferrous (or not) elements. Unlike other casting procedure, investment casting produces clean form parts with excellent outside accomplishment and dimensional correctness. The crucial railing in model preparation and brief output is the time and cost to inject molds. Every effort is done to recycle elements used in our manufacturing process so that waste is minimized. We continually strive to combine technology in its processes to ameliorate capability and quality. Foshan Zeren Metal products co. Has developed many components, which are often cast into specific alloys. These specific alloys are used because the components generally operate in environments that are either aggressive, subjected to large disparities in temperature or commodities that required to be immensely tough, strong or light. International investment cast machine in China, silica sol precision casting firm, lox wax low wax casting factory in Guangdong, parts investment precision casting quote in Foshanav

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